We focus on creating clarity, commitment, and enduring growth for our investors.

Whether you’re considering seed funding in the format of a renewable loan or thinking about an equity investment, we tailor opportunities to align with your vision and risk appetite. And if nothing currently piques your interest, that’s okay. We’ll place you on a waiting list, ensuring you’re the first to know about promising future prospects.

Seed Backing

Seed backing plays a crucial role in the earliest stages of an idea’s life cycle. It represents the initial capital infusion that helps entrepreneurs transform their ideas into tangible prototypes or even full-fledged operations. We frame our seed backings as promissory notes, essentially loans with a predetermined repayment percentage, which can be renewed upon maturity. We only offer seed backings for ventures in the Exploration or Development stages.

We are offering seed backing opportunities for the following ventures.

  • Made the Mark

Equity Investment

Equity investment involves purchasing shares in a company to acquire a partial ownership stake. This form of investment allows the investor to potentially benefit from the company’s future growth and profitability, either through an increase in the value of the shares or through dividends, which are a portion of the company’s profits. However, the investor also assumes the risk that the value of the shares might decrease. Only our ventures that are currently Live are open for equity investments.

The following Live ventures are welcoming equity investments.

  • Definitiive

Waiting List

We can add you to our waiting list, guaranteeing you’ll be among the first informed about upcoming opportunities.